Q: Do you need a license to shoot drone photography?
A: For commercial purposes, yes. We are FAA Section 107 Certified.

Q: Do you edit the video and photographs for us?
A: Photo and video editing cost extra. All media is unedited unless otherwise arranged.

Q: How fast does the drone go?
A: Top speed is about 40mph.

Q: How high can the drone go?
A: FAA states we must fly below 400′ AGL (Above Ground Level) without a waiver.

Q: How do you deliver the photos and videos?
A: All content is delivered via USB after payment is received.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?
A: Cash, Cashiers check, or Paypal.

Q: Can you fly at night?
A: FAA states we can fly up 30 minutes past sunset, with avoidance lights. Night Flying isn’t permitted at this time without a waiver. Waivers should be placed 90 days in advance.